3 pieces by Yiruma

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3 pieces by Yiruma

Post by Pianist685 » 10 Mar 2019, 09:10

The Korean New Age composer Yiruma is best known for his piece “River flows in you”. However, everybody and his brother are playing it, and I cannot hear it anymore. There are many other nice compositions by Yiruma, three of which I have recorded. Enjoy the soothing music.

I read somewhere that “Yiruma” means “I will succeed” in Korean. Well, he became famous with his music and married an ex Miss Korea. Who could ask for more? Just one "warning" for those who are not familiar with his style: he is very treble oriented.

By the way, did you know that the Korean lettering “Hangul” is an alphabet, unlike the Japanese or Chinese lettering, and easy to learn?
이루마 = Iruma.

이= i, ㅇ= [ng], not pronounced before a vowel at the beginning of a syllable
ㄹ= r/l
ㅜ= u
ㅁ= m
ㅏ= a

If I could see you again

Kiss the rain

Wait there

Greetings from Germany.

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Re: 3 pieces by Yiruma

Post by chrisw » 10 Mar 2019, 11:35

Thank you. I must give this composer further investigation.

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Re: 3 pieces by Yiruma

Post by persistantpiano » 12 Mar 2019, 15:02


I composed my own piece and I kind of modeled it after Yiruma would you check it out? I need some advice on it.

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Re: 3 pieces by Yiruma

Post by Phrasemaker » 17 Mar 2019, 13:47


Thank you very much for posting the links to these three very beautiful pieces. The all sound flawless to my ears. Bethany and I have listened and she now has me searching for sheet music so she can take a look at the work of this composer.

We both particularly like "Kiss the rain". Having said that "Wait there" has a real familiarity in terms of the chord progressions which make the piece endearing through its comfortable meter and phrasing.

A great interlude at mid day on a Sunday, very enjoyable.


Tim and Bethany

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