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Hello Piano Experts!

Posted: 31 Mar 2009, 10:28
by tryer
As I have observed, most of the Piano Experts, playing really smooth no (tat- tat -tat) stopping moves with their hands.

Base in my experience, when I know nothing about music, I want to learn how to play guitar, as I think to myself, Its really hard to learn how to play guitar, then later on, I learn a bit well, so 3 months of it, I'm already awesome playing guitar. Now I realized that playing guitar isn't hard.

But how about piano?

In here, piano for me is really hard to learn such as sight readings, etc.

Now, how about the experts there?

Is it true? That learning piano is hard?

Re: Hello Piano Experts!

Posted: 31 Mar 2009, 18:55
by Gill the Piano
Not if you practise; practice is the key to learning anything well. As you probably found with the guitar!

Re: Hello Piano Experts!

Posted: 31 Mar 2009, 22:35
by markymark
If you have been learning guitar using chords and not reading standard music notation as you would in classical guitar, then I'd imagine that the concept of having to read music seems very precise if not daunting. Like anything else, it takes practice and giving something a chance to see if it gels with you. Determination to get something out of your practice sessions and to improve is half the battle!

You can learn piano using a chord piano method which gives you more freedom to play but leaves you virtually incapable of reading standard piano music so it has it's downsides too!

Re: Hello Piano Experts!

Posted: 01 Apr 2009, 08:39
by tryer

I know a bit reading Music Sheet but like a turtle who walks 3 steps every 10 seconds.


Sigh . . . . . When do I improve my sight reading??

I just know ballade pour Adeline, but not from music sheet but youtube :P