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Internet Scams Fraud

Posted: 19 Mar 2012, 21:49
by Barrie Heaton
Jonathan Greenert has sent the following message to you:

I am interested in buying your item for sale( ).Do you
still have it for sale

To reply, contact Jonathan Greenert at emailaddress

Pianos for Sale by the General Public

Sent from computer IP:


Am locate in the United State but currently am right on the sea.I am using this
medium to notify you of my interest in Purchasing your item Which i will like to
ask few questions

What is the Asking price?
What is the condition?

I Would like to pay using PayPal, After payments has-been made ??i will
arrange for pick up of the item as soon as possible, will you let my pick-up
agent to come to your pick up address? You don`t have to bother yourself
about the shipment.


Sent from computer IP: