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Internet Scams Fraud

Posted: 03 Oct 2011, 20:50
by Barrie Heaton
Good day
Thank you for your reply

the asking price is fine with us

I would like to go to your place to view the item, but not at this time due to the nature
of my work
I have about two of my clients who are interested in the item now and they are ready
to send the payment by check
I would like to include my advantage and profits for your own asking price and we
are ready to send the payment immediately.Payment by check! Any amount above
the asking price! is returned to me if you agreed with this kindly complete the follo
wing information
check. NAME ...............
STATE .......
TEL NUMBER........
LAST OFFER ..........
I will ensure that you receive payment at least four working days. With regard to the
shipment as soon as you confirm to me that the check is cleared in your account, I
will inform my shipper to come for the pick up immediately. I want you to know that
any profit I make from this is what I used to earn a living.kindly delete the item from
where you advertise on the internet because my client is ready to make payment for
it and consider it sold to my client.the agent will pick up the item when you have the
money in your account. I am looking forward to reading from you soon.Also email
me back if the item is still available for sale. Get back to me as soon as possible


Hi Bobby,
The final price is £3950 as in the ad and I only accept Pay Pal.


bobby has sent the following message to you:

Good day Am an agents who get all kinds of item for my clients
online..i saw your adverts while surfing the internet and i will like
to know if is still available for sale and i want you to give me the
final price hope to read from you as soon as possible Regards
-------------------- ... -sound.htm

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