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This section is for posting known scams / Fraud on the "piano for sale". Do Not post pianos for sale here.

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This section is for posting known scams been tried on the "pianos for sale". Do Not post pianos for sale here.

Post the entire email so others can see. Including the IP address as well as the Email address which will be in the email you receive from the scammer but Don't put your email address in there

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Internet Scam -

Post by Pointer » 22 Dec 2008, 02:28

This was the completely mental email I got from 'Alex' after sending him my asking price of a mere £40!

Hello ,
Thanks for the information, I'm okay with your asking price £40. So I
would like you to ignore other offers and hold it for me and I will
offer you an extra £20 only if you can keep it for me and I will come
for the pickup or I send my Freight Agent. I do not want you to be
stressed, so i ll rather sends my Freight Agent to your location for
pickup. I'm in France on work.Please give the information i have
requested in order for my client to Make the payment:

(1)Cheque payable to:
(2)Home Address:
(4)Post code:
(6)Telephone number/mobile phone:

A well-known business association have agreed to make payment out to
you on my behalf. You should be expecting a Cheque for £2000 which
include the shipping fee to cover the shipping expenses on me because
i still have other pick up as well. The reason is being that my client
couldn't issue out a separate cheque's on a single transaction like
this due to company policy, as soon as the cheque clears in your bank
you deduct your £40 including the £20 as compensation to hold the ad,
then the rest would be sent to my freight for the pickup in your
location. I hope I can trust you with my rest balance to arrange for
my freight.Do send me some pictures if you have it.

This was his initial email with the IP:

alex has sent the following message to you:
> Hello,
> How are you doing today i saw your advert for sale and i want you to know that i am interested in buying it looking forward to read from you with your asking price and the present condition of it if you still have it for sale do get back to me via
> Thanks.
> Regard,
> Emailaddress:
> Internet IP:

Hope this helps someone!

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