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This section is for posting known scams / Fraud on the "piano for sale". Do Not post pianos for sale here.

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This section is for posting known scams been tried on the "pianos for sale". Do Not post pianos for sale here.

Post the entire email so others can see. Including the IP address as well as the Email address which will be in the email you receive from the scammer but Don't put your email address in there

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Internet Scams

Post by Barrie Heaton » 08 Aug 2007, 14:08

> Mrs enid lawson has sent the following message to you:
> Hello,
> Am really interested in (the make of piano was here removed) .If the item is
> still available I will be paying you with a certified
> check and I will wait for the check to clear before
> sending the shipper to come for the pick up.Buying and
> selling of MUSICAL INSTRUMENT is what I do for
> living and all i need to issue the payment is your
> full name.......
> Contact Address to be on the check....
> Thanks and get back to me as soon as possible because
> i need to
> move something of this nature to my new customer
> before 3rd of August.Thanks and have a wonderful day.
> Thanks
> Emailaddress:
> Internet IP:

> Hello,
> i beleive you should have the fund with you by now so
> i will like you to deduct your money and help me in
> having the remaining fund send to myshipper so that
> they can come for the picking up immediately and in
> preparation of their document.....and
> you know that i need to deliver the gods next week
> monday.....
> so here is the shipper info to send the remaining
> fund....
> Henry Achonu..
> 50 let Oborony,Lugansk,Ukraine,91045
> ___________________________________

Hello we are writing on behave of our client mrs enid lawson on the
goods she buying from you cuz will like to know your
convienent time for us to come for the picking up...and we are still expecting
the fund,because is in our agrrement to get fund before going to
location...hope to read from you soon...
mr Johnson
easymovershipping company
Barrie Heaton
Web Master UK Piano Page

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