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Internet Scams

Posted: 17 Apr 2007, 16:18
by Barrie Heaton
tony blake has sent the following message to you: My name Tony i saw your advert
placementm on the internet( PIANO
)which am
intrested in purchasing .
i will like you to answer the following question before we can talk on
payment .
1)why do you want to sell it?
2)for how long do you have it?
3)is it well okay or what? i mean the present condition 4)and i will like to have the recent
pics of it . 5)and your last price offer please get back to me asap.and i want you
to understand that my mode of payment lays check and the check will clears
in your
bank before pick up...
U can email me at


Internet IP:
04/17/07 16:12:36 IP block