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Scam attempt by:

Posted: 24 Oct 2016, 10:59
by RogerB
The usual "pay my delivery for me" scam:
by IP address not identified

Good Morning,
I'd really love to come but there is a
snag. Unfortunately I am not around and won't be until next month but
I really want to buy the item. seen the picture and it looked
absolutely beautiful! I'll take it and I am okay with the price £999
and like to proceed straight
with payment by certified cashiers check.

Kindly email the following:

Your Full Name (Name on Check)....
Full Address (Delivery Address).....

Payment will be issued and mailed as soon as you email the requested
details. Looking forward to your reply.



Good Morning,
In reference to your online placed ad,
please could you tell me whether the advert is still for sale? Also
tell me whether its condition remains as described in your ad? Please
include the current price too. Write soon.