Shannon Swart strikes again

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This section is for posting known scams been tried on the "pianos for sale". Do Not post pianos for sale here.

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Shannon Swart strikes again

Post by robykenna » 08 Nov 2012, 19:08

Thanks for your respond,i am okay with the piano, i will not get
chance to come over and view the piano, so far i am okay with what i
few in the site,i will issue the Cheque excess funds, which you will
deduct your money and send the remaining balance to the shipping
agent,so they can come for the pickup in your location immediately the
bank draft cheque cleared in your bank account 2 to 3days,immediately
you receive the funds,you will get back to me so i can contact the
shipping agent for the pickup schedule, i will need your payment

fill the information below,

your full name ----------------

your full address ------------------

your postal code ----------------

your phone number -------------

your last offer --------------

hope to hear from you asap


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