Buying a new piano

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Buying a new piano

Post by SkJ!Ku9N » 22 Aug 2018, 18:40


I am looking for a piano:

- that has keys that feel like a real piano (the majority of weighted keys I tried don't feel like a real piano)
- which can support headphones (jack or bluetooth)
- which is a good long term investment
- on which you can add musical instruments via a USB port (strings, drums, etc.)
- which has a recording function (more then one track is a plus)

not a requirement, but a plus:

- on which one can play over the recording and make a new recording with this new track
- which could have cellphone apps connectivity in the future...? (I'm thinking long term)

I talked with the following stores:

- Piano Vertu: Kawai K-200 new $ 8k / Kawai K-300 $ 10k new / Used Yamaha U3 $ 8k / NV10 new $ 11k
- Piano Prestige: the seller advised me to go with a Hailun and to set up the Magic Star pianodisc system in it.
- Piano Héritage: U1 new $ 11k
- Steinway & Sons: no "silent" piano (digital & acoustic)
- Nabaldian: U1 used $ 4.5k
- Archambault: U1 new $ 11k

With a budget of about $ 10k.

I'm hesitating between the NV10, K200 / K300 or U1.

The NV10 seems to be more promising, but as I understand it, it is completely digital and I'm afraid it will lose its value in the long run.

So many questions :)

- I am rather skeptical of the Magic Star pianodisc system. What do you think about it?
- What do you think of the NV10, K200 / K300 or U1? Do these choices make sense? What would be the best choice considering my needs?
- Are there other pianos that I should be considering?

What are your advises?

Thank you !! :)

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Re: Buying a new piano

Post by chrisw » 23 Aug 2018, 11:03

I share your concern that the NV10 will loose its value quickly. The K200,K300 and U1 are robust pianos and should easily last a lifetime although the silent system electronics may need updating eventually. Audition all of these pianos and select the one you like best.

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