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by chris_connelly
08 Mar 2010, 22:01
Forum: Digital Pianos
Topic: Gigging with a stereo digital piano
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Re: Gigging with a stereo digital piano

Hello, For smaller gigs I play my Yamaha P120 through either a single Roland KC 500 amp or the smaller (much lighter!) KC150. In either case I use a single lead going from the L/R output on the P120 into the amp. I then set the speakers on the piano to about half volume which provides a good monitor...
by chris_connelly
08 Mar 2010, 21:36
Forum: Piano Advice
Topic: Piano strings breaking
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Re: Piano strings breaking

Have to agree...piano stings can indeed break and the sound can be alarming! Never considered the possibility of injury though... Perhaps there is room for a piano/pianist health & safety inspectorate. Or the opportunity to decline playing any offensive instrument on account of not having safety gog...
by chris_connelly
31 May 2007, 02:19
Forum: Piano Advice
Topic: Petrof grand piano
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I have to agree with PM - a few Edinburgh venues I play have small Petrof grands installed and they are dreadful to play.
by chris_connelly
01 Nov 2006, 01:24
Forum: Piano Advice
Topic: Opinion on Yamaha P121NT, U1N, SU118C, Kemble K121CL, K121 M
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Perhaps consider a U3 - cheaper than the SU and offers a bit more power on account of being bigger. A good compromise when a grand is ruled out. As said, all are very good instuments so try as many as possible and see what sounds best to you - none are going to fall apart so you can't go too far wrong
by chris_connelly
01 Nov 2006, 01:04
Forum: Digital Pianos
Topic: Clavinova HGX-620
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Hi, Don't know that model, but £600 is about entry level for digitals. I use a digital for gigs, Yamaha P120 and its very good, as are most Rolands, just advise to avoid Casios, which have dreadful, spongy actions. If an Ikea style cabinet is not important, a Yamaha P70 stage piano can be had ...