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by adp
16 Oct 2019, 01:58
Forum: Piano Advice
Topic: Could this be mould?
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Could this be mould?

Hi, In addition to the Steck I'm looking at (see other post), I'm also looking into a Bechstein 9. However, the hammers and dampers look very grubby to me. I'm also a bit concerned that they could be what looks like mould on them. The owner advises the piano has been looked after and regularly tuned...
by adp
15 Oct 2019, 23:58
Forum: Piano History
Topic: Differences in Steck Pianos
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Differences in Steck Pianos

Hi, I am currently interested in a Steck piano, located in the UK. However, I have only seen online photos until now, and so it is of course difficult to gauage the condition. However, I have noticed a significant difference between the one I'm currently interested in, and a Steck piano seen previou...