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by bltonwry
31 Jul 2020, 22:11
Forum: Piano History
Topic: Hansons upright 7366
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Re: how old and any history on my hansons upright 7366

I just tuned a Hansons (#6295, a bit older than the one mentioned above) and the metal frame said "Hansons: Coventry, Leamington, Nuneaton, Etc." Doubt if Leamington ever had a piano factory, so presumably it was made in Etc.
by bltonwry
30 Nov 2019, 21:05
Forum: Piano History
Topic: T. G. Payne piano.
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Re: T. G. Payne piano.

I just tuned T.G. Payne upright #23316 in Coventry: 1) very beautiful art deco case (I know, usually one so beautiful turns out to have old rubbish inside) and perfect ivories; 2) all the design features of a modern Yamaha upright including massive frame (plate), cross stringing, proper dampers, met...
by bltonwry
18 Jul 2019, 20:09
Forum: Piano History
Topic: Scrine Piano's
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Re: Scrine Piano

I tuned Henry D. Scrine, London birdcage #16138 (1880ish) yesterday, up over two semitones to modern pitch. Poor thing may or may not have survived, as the treble was sinking dramatically. It has oblong tuning pings and fairly functional overdampers. The fallboard decal says 48, Dawes Road, London, ...