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15 Apr 2018, 00:26
Forum: Idle Chitchat
Topic: People usually don't give feedback
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Re: People usually don't give feedback

It is a different world. Some people get hundreds of electronic messages a day. At that rate you only rap with what is before you at a given point.... in the same way that you don’t randomly revisit a conversation you had last week.
15 Apr 2018, 00:21
Forum: Idle Chitchat
Topic: Boyd Autoplayer disposal
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Boyd Autoplayer disposal

Hi - Anybadvice has n how to get rid of an unwanted autoplayer? Inherited 25 years ago and no longer in wanted. I grew up with this piano. It was refurbished 30 years ago at great expense -£700 I think -by my parents as it had sentimental value. It is in working order with rolls. It cost me £250 to ...