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by And36y
28 Nov 2015, 08:46
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Topic: Danemann hs2
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Danemann hs2

Hi all,
I"ve read in various forums the merits of the Danemann HS2. I can't seem to find any pictures of one. Can anyone point me to a picture of one or at least describe what it looks like. Any visible discerning features ?


by And36y
14 Nov 2015, 08:08
Forum: Piano Advice
Topic: Knight vs kemble vs danemann grand piano
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Knight vs kemble vs danemann grand piano

Hi, I currently own a wonderful little knight K20 upright. I'm in the process of having a garage coversion to turn into a music room and I will have the dedicated space for a small/medium grand and so am toying with changing my knight out. I know knight used to also make baby grands but i can't find...