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by caters
10 Mar 2014, 23:28
Forum: Learning & Teaching Piano
Topic: Wrong Classification of scales
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Wrong Classification of scales

This site has lots of scales and they are right about the notes in the scales but are wrong about their classifications. Here is the site: / They consider monotonic or 1 note scales which are just scales of octaves to be ditonic They consider ditonic or 2 note scales to ...
by caters
06 Mar 2014, 20:23
Forum: Learning & Teaching Piano
Topic: Scales and Their Formats
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Scales and Their Formats

common scales range from pentatonic to chromatic. There are 5 types of pentatonic scales: Minor Major Suspended Blues minor Blues major multiply that by 12 and that is 60 pentatonic scales. the minor pentatonic has this format m3(minor third) W W m3 W Major: W W m3 W m3 Suspended: W m3 W m3 W Blues ...