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by prussell
09 May 2013, 21:34
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Topic: Temperature & Humidity Control
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Re: Temperature & Humidity Control

I just bought a humidifier on ebay for $40. I have to fill it daily, and it keeps the room between 45-50%. I've noticed the instrument sounds better with higher humidity. It spent the first 6 months in around 35%, which is what the room is normally at without the machine. It started to sound, a cert...
by prussell
09 May 2013, 17:58
Forum: Piano Advice
Topic: Ringing noise
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Ringing noise

Hi Piano-Tuners Forum, I have three knotty problems that I'm hoping someone can advise me on. Firstly, I have a '72 u1 Yamaha. I've taught myself to tune it over the last few years, and am very happy with the results. It has a nice sounding bass section, the copper on the strings looks really new. T...