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by Don
02 Mar 2013, 18:23
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Topic: KAWAI CN43 RhythmSection
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KAWAI CN43 RhythmSection

I purchased KAWAI CN43 digital piano a while ago and am very pleased with the piano, playing it almost every day. It really is a fantastic instrument. However, I have a problem trying to understand how to use the rhythm section from the manual. Before I go into any details, can someone let me know i...
by Don
18 Jul 2012, 16:35
Forum: Digital Pianos
Topic: Which Yamaha YPD Digital Piano
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Which Yamaha YPD Digital Piano

A little background first - I am an active 74 year old who used to play piano up to the age of 18 taking exams in Classical and then American Syncopation before joining the RAF when I lost touch with the piano (and regretted it since). I still have my piano music in the loft though. For some years I...