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by Jason
16 Mar 2014, 23:38
Forum: Learning & Teaching Piano
Topic: Wrong Classification of scales
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Re: Wrong Classification of scales

So what do you want us to do about that?
by Jason
16 Mar 2014, 23:33
Forum: Digital Pianos
Topic: CP-1
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Has anyone actually tried one of these. Are the wooden keys really all that big of a deal?
by Jason
15 Jan 2014, 00:52
Forum: Learning & Teaching Piano
Topic: Grade 4 Block
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Re: Grade 4 Block

Should consider that with some care tbh. There is often a big jump in between Grade 4 and 5. I've heard teachers refer to this as the break-off point for the non-serious students. Just a thought.
by Jason
27 Apr 2012, 01:25
Forum: Learning & Teaching Piano
Topic: Performance diploma advice
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Performance diploma advice

I am currently thinking of completing an associate performance certificate. My background is in Trinity College, now Trinity Guildhall. Just wondering if anyone on here has actually completed a performance diploma or someone who has taken someone through the diploma. I was seriously considering doin...