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by jonpeter001
27 Jun 2011, 13:27
Forum: Digital Pianos
Topic: Roland FP-8 on last legs?
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Re: Roland FP-8 on last legs?

Roland FP-7F BK digital piano with speakers, 88 keys (PHA III), SuperNatural Audio Engine, 128 voices, 351 tones, thomann compatible with GM2 system, GS and XG lite, build-in Audio Looper, WAV/SMF playback, 1/4" output jacks (left/mono and right), 1/4" input jacks (left/mono and right), 2x stereo 1/...
by jonpeter001
27 Jun 2011, 13:14
Forum: Digital Pianos
Topic: Beginner with P95
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Re: Beginner with P95

Casio has improved a lot in recent years. The PX-700 is several models back. You say $300 cheaper? That means the PX700 is selling for about $150. It's worth it at that price. Keep it for 6 months then sell for $100. In six months you will be a better judge of DPS and be ready to spend $1K or more o...