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by clavinovaking
10 Jan 2011, 00:41
Forum: Digital Piano Reviews
Topic: Clavinova CLP-124 Review
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Clavinova CLP-124 Review

Hello Everyone, Today I have decided to write a review of the Yamaha Clavinova CLP-124 model. I have owned a Yamaha Clavinova CLP-124 since September, and I must say I have always loved this particular model of Clavinova. I have known of and had experience of this model since it emerged in the mid ...
by clavinovaking
15 Jul 2010, 01:05
Forum: Digital Pianos
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Re: Some Differences Between A Digital and Acoustic Piano

Just to add to this. I am totally in favour of digital pianos. Haven't touched an acoustic piano for longer than I can remember. Just the following comes to mind: Digital pianos are *far* easier to move than acoustic pianos Digital pianos require NO tuning - a one off cost Digital pianos are versati...
by clavinovaking
15 Jul 2010, 00:47
Forum: Digital Pianos
Topic: [POLL] Which is the best brand Digital Piano?
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Re: [POLL] Which is the best brand Digital Piano?

most certainly. Yamaha Clavinova CLP models all the way! Not so keen on the appearance of newer ones, but I understand their functionality is the usual Yamaha 500%! I'd definitely avoid getting another GEM 'RealPiano'... the one I have had experience of is a rather poor quality machine. Looks alrigh...
by clavinovaking
15 Jul 2010, 00:42
Forum: Digital Piano Reviews
Topic: Clavinova CLP-260 Review
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Clavinova CLP-260 Review

Hi all, Thought I'd help out with the reviewing section by sharing a few thoughts on a Clavinova that I have regular contact with. The CLP-260 piano sound is by no means perfect. It is *extremely* unique. It is slightly high in pitch and has a pretty sharp and unusually bright and electrical sound ...