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by salhford
10 Jul 2010, 09:59
Forum: Digital Pianos
Topic: [POLL] Which is the best brand Digital Piano?
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Re: [POLL] Which is the best brand Digital Piano?

I like Suzuki digital piano but for use, Yamaha is the best Digital Piano. I like Disklavier Grand Pianos DGC1B because Highest quality standards. Compact digital grands for your playing and listening enjoyment and available in polished ebony, polished Mahogany, polished american walnut and satin eb...
by salhford
10 Jul 2010, 09:55
Forum: Piano Advice
Topic: Yamaha YUS1 or UX-1?
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Re: Yamaha YUS1 or UX-1?

Yamaha U-Series upright pianos have long been a leading choice for educational institutions and professional musicians. I have all . The YUS Series takes upright piano quality and performance to a new level. It contains many nice features and functionalities. There is no problem about height, width ...
by salhford
09 Jul 2010, 13:53
Forum: Learning & Teaching Piano
Topic: Jazz improvisation.
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Re: Jazz improvisation.

Jazz improvisation is composing on the spot and coming up with melodies off the top of one's head. There are various techniques to do this effectively.Improvisation is instant composition, the instant creation of a new melody. In Jazz the improvisation is usually related to a song. In most cases the...
by salhford
09 Jul 2010, 13:44
Forum: Piano Advice
Topic: Piano Brands
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Re: Piano Brands

I think it is totally depend on the person. which ones are good, which ones to stay away from?. Some times it is depend on the country. So at that time you should think about it. I have some list of piano brands like Bechstein, Roland, Steinway, Yamaha and Baldwin. With so many piano brands availabl...