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by gremalkin
10 Feb 2005, 14:29
Forum: Piano History
Topic: Waldemar of Berlin
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I have a Waldemar upright - on the fall it is marked 'Waldemar - Berlin'. It was inspected by a restorer a few years ago who reckoned that the way the strings were wound confirmed that it was of German manufacture. We couldn't find any other markings on the instrument. Dating the instrument is a lit...
by gremalkin
27 Sep 2004, 12:53
Forum: Piano Advice
Topic: Overdamping - can it be made more effective
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Overdamping - can it be made more effective

hi all, i have a german overstrung upright which is overdamped. it is a great piano in terms of tone and action - but the damping (esp. in the bass register) could be better. there is a tad too much ringing-on after the keys are released. the felts seem to be in good order and are making contact wit...
by gremalkin
06 May 2004, 13:20
Forum: Piano Advice
Topic: Who are the Piano Advisory Service ?
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Who are the Piano Advisory Service ?

hi all - saw an advert for a piano where the vendor has a glowing report of the instrument's condition - the report was prepared by the Piano Advisory Service. can't find anything on a UK based org. with this name. so, who are they and does this report carry any weight? instrument in question is a 1...
by gremalkin
28 Jul 2003, 12:36
Forum: Learning & Teaching Piano
Topic: Ear training software: Advice please
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Ear training software: Advice please

hello - i have been playing for about three years and want to build up my sight reading and ear training skills. can anyone suggest software packages which would help? i have a midi enabled 88 note keyboard connected to my pc. cheers.