Monington and Weston 112cm Traditional Upright Piano Walnut c1938

from Robert Morley & Company Ltd.


Price: £3,400.00

Date: 20-02-2020 02:38PM


Monington & Weston 112cm traditional upright in Walnut with banding and chrome fittings c1938 secondhand

7 octaves – 85 notes
2 pedals
with fall lock

Rent this piano on our home rental scheme for only £50.00 per month with an initial payment of £310.00 before delivery to a ground floor location in London (this includes delivery, collection, first months rental and setup/admin charge). Terms and conditions apply, please ask for full details.

Dimensions : 136.50cm wide 112.00cm high 50.50cm deep

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Monington and Weston 112cm Traditional Upright Piano Walnut c1938

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Did You Know Piano Facts

Around the middle of the twelfth century we find the keyed monochord, which was developed further, several strings being added, until eventually we recognize the clavichord. A tangent was fitted to the back of each key, which when raised contacted the single string, and facilitated simultaneous notes. The tangent acted as a bridge determining the speaking length of the string. A mute was fitted to the non-speaking length, so when the key was released the note stopped singing.