1977 Steinway model B Grand

from Shackell Pianos Ltd


Price: £54,995.00

Date: 03-04-2018 07:45PM


Steinway model B. 6’ 11” (211cm) Hamburg. Manufactured in 1977 this piano has just been fully overhauled and is now for sale and ready for a new owner. Jeffrey Shackell and Paul Mildren have faithfully kept to the original Steinway design in their work using genuine Steinway & Sons replacement parts. This work has included full restringing and the fitting of a complete new top action. The keys and keyframe have been restored using new Steinway ivoplast key coverings and new sharps. The casework polyestering is new and to a very high standard. This beautiful piano has all the hallmarks of the robust and golden 'bell like’ Steinway tone of the 1970’s and would be a treasure for the serious pianist, enthusiastic amateur or collector. Just looking at it and admiring the fine art that Steinway is will reward in plenty.

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1977 Steinway model B Grand


1977 Steinway model B Grand

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