Britannia Piano Auctions

Britannia Piano Auctions

A privately owned British auction house that is centrally located in Manchester. At BPA there is a team of professional piano specialists, all with a wealth of knowledge in their chosen category, that are ready to offer the best advice on selling or buying your instrument at auction.


If you are looking to buy a piano:


Have you considered that several of the pianos sold in our auctions are accessible to most budgets? 


A straight forward guide to our buying procedure is available on our 'Buy a piano' on our website. It's an ideal guide for first-time buyers and an excellent reminder for our returning buyers. Each auction takes place in central Manchester.


Two days before the auction date the doors are opened so you can come and view, play and 


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  • No. 12 Willan Industrial Estate
    Vere Street
    Salford, Greater Manchester M50 2GR
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Did You Know Piano Facts

What is Piano Tuning
Piano tuning is the art of making minute adjustments to the tensions of the strings of a piano to properly align the intervals between their tones so that the instrument is in tune will all the intervals on the piano. The meaning of the term in tune in the context of piano tuning is not simply a particular fixed set of pitches. Fine piano tuning requires an assessment of the interaction among notes, which is different for every piano because of the different lengths of string and the wooden bridges, thus in practice requiring slightly different pitches from any theoretical standard. Pianos are usually tuned to a modified version of the system called equal temperament. In all systems of tuning, every pitch may be derived from its relationship to a chosen fixed pitch, which is usually A440. Concert pitch Many piano manufacturers recommend that pianos be tuned twice a year.