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  • Steinberg WS-T166 Grand Piano

    Steinberg WS-T166 Grand Piano

    09-06-2017 04:23PM

    A brand new, Steinberg WS-T166 grand piano with a black case and brass fittings. The instrument features the best in German design. Piano has a Dehonit pinblock, Roslau steel strings, Renner hammers, Kluge keyboard, Klinke agraffes and tuning pins and a carbon fibre composite action. Carbon fibre is an extremely lightweight and strong material, highly resistant to shrinkage and swelling in humid environments. Eighty-eight note keyboard and three-pedal lyre.

    Steinberg WS-T166
    Serial Number:
    Age: Brand New
    Wood: Black
    Finish: Polyester
    Size [cm]: length: 166 width: 151
    Size [inches]: length: 65.3 width: 59.4
    Description: This instrument features the best in German design

    Sitka spruce soundboard and rins
    Dehonit pinblock
    Roslau steel strings
    Renner hammers (also used by Bechstein)
    Carbon fibre composite action by Wessell Nickel and Gross
    Kluge keyboard (also used by Steinway)
    Klinke agraffes and tuning pins
    Solid brass fittings

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