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Schimmel C116T

Schimmel C116T


We are the London exclusive dealer for Schimmel pianos; in our exciting new showroom (the most prominent in London) you can try the range of upright and grand pianos.

If you have not played one of these pianos recently you should prepare yourself for a pleasant surprise.

By the end of the twentieth century, Schimmel Pianos were appreciated and respected worldwide: it was (and indeed still is) the largest German piano manufacturer. From its establishment in 1885 in Leipzig, the company had survived the worst years of the century and could, as most other manufacturers did at the time, have lived on its reputation.

In the 1980's however Schimmel utilised latest technologies to reassess both the design and manufacture of its pianos. ‘Computer Aided Piano Engineering’ led to numerous new realisations and their new range of 'Konzert' pianos, which appeared years later, are significantly different from any other European piano.

The Schimmel Konzert range includes three upright pianos - 122cm, 125cm and 132cm - (we have the first on sale, others could be supplied): priced from about £12,000 to £17,000. The grand pianos, of which there are two 'trilogies,' are 169cm, 189cm and 213cm (we have the first on sale), and 230cm, 256cm and 280cm (again, we have the first on sale): priced from about £27,000.

The Schimmel Classic range are the traditional pianos, distinguished both in domestic and work situations. There are upright pianos in four heights - 116cm, 120cm, 124cm and 130cm - at prices from about £7,500 to £13,500. We have a 116cm and a 120cm (Twin Tone). The Classic grand pianos are 182cm and 208cm, both of which are available to order.

The Schimmel 'Twin Tone' is a silent system which is incorporated as the instrument is being built. At the touch of the middle pedal, the instrument is transformed into a silent, digital piano and the music can be heard through headphones or relayed via a MIDI output to other technical equipment.

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