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Miriam David Cert. ED, BA , Cpped (EPTA) GRade 8

I currently work from home teaching children between the ages of 6 to 15.
I enjoy teaching both beginners, as well as children entering for grade exams. The Trinity and Guildlhall syllabus is the exam board I favour, because I believe it adopts a more creative and informed approach. I use the experience I gained as a class teacher for many years to foster the child's understanding of music and of piano playing skills.
I originally trained as a music teacher at the Roehampton Institute and since then recently took the EPTA Piano Pedagogy course. This has equipped me with many up to date ideas about repertoire and methods. There are also opportunities for pupils to perform at EPTA events.
I have always maintained my love of music, and as well as playing, I enjoy singing. It is through this route, as well as the piano, that I impart musical ideas and develop aural awareness.
I believe I am a good motivator and endeavour to maintain a positive dialogue between parents and children.



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