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We don’t charge just for answering an enquiry! Small amounts of text about names and practical subjects can be emailed in return for a donation, you can make a donation by using Paypal button below, but we deal with over twenty thousand names, and it would be impractical to list them all here. Some of the earlier ones can be found in the NAME INDEX.

The PianoGen booklets listed below are compiled individually when required: (See also the REPORTS button.) Prices will rise, and content will change, as more information becomes available on a given subject.

Please do no place an order or pay until you have checked on availability and current prices: The PianoGen booklets listed below are compiled individually when required: (See also the REPORTS button.) Prices will rise, and content will change, as more information becomes available on a given subject.

Where no price is stated for small items, a donation is requested.


METHODS OF PAYMENT: Over the past thirty years, we have struggled to find convenient ways that people could make small payments and donations from abroad. Sadly, in this world of information technology, instant access and internet resources, the banks and credit companies are still unable to offer us any method of receiving small amounts at a reasonable cost: American Express, for example, charges nearly £10, and takes a month to process foreign cheques, but our good old local Post Office will instantly change foreign banknotes over the counter. Most other options cost more to set up than our yearly profits, so I'm grateful to PayPal for the system we can now offer. Alternatively, you could buy international postal orders, or go to the trouble of paying the exchange costs at your end, and arranging a sterling cheque payable on a british bank, but the simple answer is to reach in you pocket and post Bill some bills! We won’t quibble about approximate exchange rates, our most urgent priority is to find funds for historical research.

Example of Printed, Illustrated Pages
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Aberdeen music firms (donation)

Action Diagrams £40  
Addison & Co. &c. (donation)

Aliases Piano Names(Free)

Allison: Ralph, Robert, &c. £4  
Apprenticeship Indentures   
Army & Navy Stores
Bechstein history   
Bishop: Various firms (donation)

Bluthner ads, numbers &c. (donation)

Boudoir Grands & Uprights (donation)

Brinsmead: (John) (Stanley) All   
Brinsmead: (John) (Stanley) (up to 1885)   
Broadwood ads, bits & pieces   
Brock (Bernard)   

Central heating versus pianos (Free)

Challen, and with Duff, Hollis, Hodgson   
Chappell, Elysian &c.   
Clementi & Co. &c.   
Cocks (Robert) & Co. (donation)

Collard & Collard All   
Collard & Collard All up to 1859   
Combining Pianos with Bed, Bedsit, Clavichord, Desk, Dressing table, Gramophone, Harpsichord, Harp, Kinematograph, Organ, Music Cabinet, Sewing Table, &c.   
Cramer & Co., &c..   
D'Almaine & Co. (including Goulding)   
Dale, Dale Forty &c.   
Datemarks in pianos (Free)

Eavestaff & Minipianos   
Erard: Sebastien and Pierre   
Erard: Sebastien and Pierre up to 1850   
Exhibitions Medals and Awards for pianos(Free)

False Beats in Piano Strings   
Found in pianos (an amusing list of finds) (donation)

Frames & Backs etc   
Genealogy and the Piano Makers (Free)

Grand rims, sizes, &c.   
Great Exhibition, 1851   
Guarantee / Warranty   
Hartlepool's Music Firms (donation)

Hopkinson (J.& J.) ads &c.   
Howlett: Norwich maker   
Ibach: G.A.& Rud. Ibach   
Keys & Keyboards, adjusters, range, &c.   
Kirckman / Kirkman.   
Longman, Lukey, Broderip   
Marr, Marr Wood,   
Mott (Isaac Henry Robert)   
Names & Aliases   
Numbers as a guide to date (Free)
(including serial numbers)

Pedals & Effects, &c.   
Players and self-acting pianos pre-1900 (FREE)

Player Piano and Self-Acting Pianos   
Pleyel, Wolff, Lyon   
Prices - a chronology   
Rolfe, Culliford, & Barrow   
Royal Warrants, Bills, Appointments etc.   
Soundboard developments   
Squire & Longson, B. Squire (donation)

Steinway, Steinweg, Grotrian   
Stodart: Robert, M. &W, &c.   
Strings: developments &c.   
Strohmenger (J.) & Sons (donation)

Thomas Tomkison &c.   
Tomlinson's 1854 article   
Top door panel designs   
Transposing Pianos   
Tuning Prices - a chronology   
Uprights & Upright Grands   
Valuation Of Pianos (Free)

Wood (The name)   
Wornum: name, pianos   
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