Amplification for stage piano

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Amplification for stage piano

Post by bean52 » 14 May 2009, 20:02

Hello. I'm looking for a second hand digital piano to supplement my acoustic for practice during unsociable hours. I would mainly use it with headphones but will undoubtedly also want to play out loud at times. WIth built in speakers that's no problem but it would widen my options if I could consider stage pianos with no speakers too - eg. I'm currently considering a Roland RD600. My question is what amplification would I need to go with such an instrument and whether either of the guitar practice amps I already have - a 10W electric guitar and a 20W bass guitar amp, would serve the purpose. Just for home use, not for gigging! Any advice appreciated.


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Re: Amplification for stage piano

Post by markymark » 14 May 2009, 23:44

Guitar amps are not designed to cover the dynamic range of a stage piano - they just can't cope which results in distortion or a mono quality sound output coming from the guitar amp.

If it is just for home use, stereo studio speakers may be what you need. These would not be powerful enough for gigging but perfect for home use for mounting on top of your computer desk/workstation desk.

The other alternative, but more expensive though allowing you to gig if you wanted, would be powered speakers.

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