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Roland RD-300sx rhythm issue

Posted: 07 Jan 2012, 19:36
by AlexMaid
Hello, I've not found answer in other forums, so let me start the new one...
I've bought a Roland Rd300nx (previously used Rd300sx for several years) and got a serious problem - You cant keep the rhythm tempo same when You change live set (it immediately resets to default value when You change live set). This effectively limits You to only one live set per song and is very unconvinient. Else You can program several user live sets with required rhythm tempo - but then you have to reprogramm all of them for another song. This a very serious limitation, may be some one knows a way out...

Regards in advance, Alexander.

Re: Roland RD-300sx rhythm issue

Posted: 09 Jan 2012, 12:09
by AlexMaid
Sorry, better it should be named Roland RD-300NX(! not sx) issue

Re: Roland RD-300sx rhythm issue

Posted: 16 Jan 2012, 21:25
by markymark
I've never played one of these but I did have a peek at the brochure.

Under the "Playing Rhythm" chapter on page 36, it says, "The way Rhythm is played and the tempo display may diff er with some Rhythm Patterns."

It does go on to say how other parameters and settings can be adjusted but it doesn't sound promising.