New learner needs a piano...

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New learner needs a piano...

Post by anthonyi » 21 Jan 2011, 19:44

I've just recently (this month) started learning the's been something I've wanted to do for a long time and now I'm lucky enough to have a little time to devote to it. Currently I have a Yamaha PSR series keyboard, which even I can tell is a poor reflection of a real piano. So I'm looking for something to replace it. I'm tight on space and an acoustic piano is not an option and I've been wondering if the Yamaha CP300 represents a good compromise that would see me through the first few years of learning? I guess the action would be quite noticeably different from an acoustic (the only one I have experienced is my tutor's upright) but still much better than what I'm currently using.

Any thoughts? All advice would be gratefully received...

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Re: New learner needs a piano...

Post by markymark » 22 Jan 2011, 16:29

A CP-300 would be fine for your purposes given that an acoustic is out of the question. Bear in mind that the CP weighs some 32 kg which would rule out portability to an extent unless someone else in the house can give you a lift - it is a heavy beast!

I bought the smaller and lighter CP-33 a year or so ago (which I am currently advertising for sale on gumtree) which weighs only 18kg. It doesn't have built in speakers like the CP-300 but much more portable. Are you planning to keep the instrument on a stand in the same place, all the time?

For a more portable model with its own speakers and the same keyboard action, have you looked at the P-155 from Yamaha?

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