Suzuki digital baby grands on ebay

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Suzuki digital baby grands on ebay

Post by pianopaul » 31 Oct 2010, 15:37

Has anyone any experience of Suzuki digital baby grands? They are regularly for sale as new items on ebay.
They look good and seem to have most features you would expect, except that they only have a polyphony of 64.
Are they the same as the generic Chines amde baby grands you can buy branded as Gear4music, Chase etc or are they Japanese type quality?

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Re: Suzuki digital baby grands on ebay

Post by markymark » 31 Oct 2010, 16:41

No Suzuki are a recognised brand although their digital pianos are not in the mainstream, certainly as far as UK is concerned, unlike Yamaha, Roland or even Casio. Suzuki bought the Hammond company (now known and Hammond-Suzuki) and have successfully reproduced the legendary Hammond B3 organ using advanced digital sound reproduction technology. Established Hammond organ players have praise the new design and the same will testify that they can not tell the difference going by sound and touch alone. So.... in a nutshell, Suzuki is not a child's play organisation, however, their digital pianos would not be as well known over here.

I personally I have yet to see one up close never mind play one. Even trying to find videos of one on the like of Youtube is tough.

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