Yamaha YDP140 V Yamaha P85

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Yamaha YDP140 V Yamaha P85

Post by adamsword » 04 Mar 2009, 00:08

The important things that I require is a good piano sound and the feel, Im not bothered about effects apart from reverb.

Also Ive noticed that some sites are advertising the YDP140 as having 128 note polyphony and others with 64 with no real price differentiation, are there two types and how important is this if you are at an intermediate playing level?

Also which would be the best for recording using home recording software on a laptop?

Thanks for your help.

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Re: Yamaha YDP140 V Yamaha P85

Post by markymark » 05 Mar 2009, 18:09

64 note polyphony is still respectable although it is more common for the modern keyboards/stage pianos to sport 96 note or 128 note polyphony, the latter being more common. Workstations use of more polyphony because of the amount of layers and instruments they use to synthesise various sounds or sequences. For ordinary stage piano use, 64 note is fine for someone at "intermediate playing level" as you put it.

I know that the P140 only has 64 note polyphony but, according to the Yamaha website, the YDP140 has 128 note polyphony.

Which site was saying otherwise?

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Re: Yamaha YDP140 V Yamaha P85

Post by ukpianos » 17 Mar 2009, 18:29

I would go for the Yamaha YDP140. It comes with a fixed stand, which is more suitable for home use. Other digital pianos to consider are: Yamaha CLP320. Roland RP101, Kawai CL25, Classenti CDP1, and YDP160. The Yamaha CLP320 gets my top marks for overall performance. I appreciate that some of these pianos may be over your budget.
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