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ratoi catalin
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Post by ratoi catalin » 26 Jun 2008, 07:01

This is the best price/quality report that I found on the market. I tested a lot of pianos, but this was the best emulation.It was also highly recomended by the guy who sold the pianos and indeed I can say that I've chose this one instead of a kurzweil and I'm not sorry at all.

To get an idea you can check:


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Post by markymark » 27 Jun 2008, 14:02

Reports about the Korg SP250 are rather varied. Personally, I wouldn't have ranked it as the best emuation, BUT for its price-bracket, it's fine.

Have a look at this post. This guy was rating a variety of pianos that he tried in a shop. His views are fairly consistent with what other people are saying (generally speaking).

http://www.uk-piano.org/piano-forums/vi ... korg+sp250

As for Kurzweil, I find anyway, that some of the piano samples are a bit on the 'tinny' side - far too bright. They really could do with an external equaliser to mellow the sound slightly.

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