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SVPWORLD your views on the clp170

Post by wilton » 27 Jun 2008, 06:30

It would be interesting to know your views on the CLP170.
I bought one and think it's very good, my criticisms are that the highest notes are weak, its seems to lack oooomph, and compared to my teachers Kemble lacks resonance. I have all the settings at default

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Post by markymark » 27 Jun 2008, 13:39

Weak high notes was very common in Yamaha stage pianos that were out around the early 2000s. The P200 and P250 had this tendency but it is something that is addressed in the CLP2XX series and (I would expect) in the CLP3XX series when it becomes available.

I sometimes wondered if the tone on a CLP1XX model also had something to do with the built-in speakers? Very often, people have put their instrument through a PA system or even through an amplifier, and a whole new level of sound is realised.

Having said that, I have heard that the iAFC feature only functions when the sound comes through the speakers and not when amplified through the out ports or through headphones. :?

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