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Digital Piano Action

Posted: 27 Jun 2016, 18:34
by RobertJM
Good evening,

New to the forum, and first post.

I'm sure this topic will have been flogged to death, but I hope you won't mind me creating a new post, for the most-up-to-date and relevant information for myself.

Brief bio: Have played piano for 15 years, always on keyboards of varying degrees of quality (started as a kid on entirely non-weighted and currently have a Kurzweil SP4-8), whilst using real acoustics with teachers or to perform with etc.

I'm now looking to get a DP which is as close as possible to the action of an acoustic. I have done all the research and have been through a number of brands, but the ones that seem to me to stand out are the Kawai CA17 and CA67.

I'd like to know if anyone has played these - or tried them - and their thoughts. I have heard some stellar reviews, but also some people reporting to be less than impressed with the feel of the keys.

My budget is around £1500, and my main concern is with the action, not the onboard sounds, extra functionality or bells and whistles.

Many thanks.

Re: Digital Piano Action

Posted: 28 Jun 2016, 22:52
by Feg

I'm sure that someone will be along to reply to your post soon. This section of the Forum is not particularly active at the moment.


Re: Digital Piano Action

Posted: 28 Jun 2016, 23:56
by RobertJM
Hi Fiona,

Thanks. Is the forum quiet regularly, or is there a reason it's a little silent at the moment?

Re: Digital Piano Action

Posted: 29 Jun 2016, 11:48
by Feg
Hi, Robert.

No reason, just quiet :)


Re: Digital Piano Action

Posted: 30 Jun 2016, 22:17
by markymark
I would personally vouch for Yamaha digital pianos balancing touch, tone and cost.

Have you looked?