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Newbie advice please.

Posted: 29 Jan 2013, 11:37
by Gbvk

I'm finally starting to get going with playing the piano. I've been sat behind the drums for a fair while now and am looking to take the plunge. However, I've done a little bit of research and I know the main contenders for each price point but don't know where best to start:

M-Audio Keystation 88es
Korg SP170
Roland 301R

The question is; obviously as a beginner, I want something good on which I can learn but if its not my thing I don't want to have outset a lot. On the other hand I understand that you can be put off by a inferior quality instrument.

The roland has everything I want, looks, action and 5 levels of sensitivity.

Any additional information/questions or things I need to know is more than appreciated.