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similar to Yamaha Clavinova CLP-430WH White ?

Posted: 30 Jun 2012, 20:59
by tiggy748
My daughter has fallen in love with the above piano, and as she has progressed very fast in the past 8 months and still is keen we have agreed to look into getting her a new piano. Im wondering if there might be second hand ones of this version or one similar? I know she wants a white one with a usb. She also liked the ability to record then layer compositions on top of each other and to accompany downloaded/playback music. Other than it sounds great im not sure what else she liked. However £1500 - £1600 is double what i can really afford, I might stretch to £1000 but that will take till Feb 2013 to save for (being a med student we get some pay but not a great deal). Any ideas as to where i can get a second hand one (if they arent a new model) or models that have the features she likes in white (!) around my price range? Thanks in advance.

Re: similar to Yamaha Clavinova CLP-430WH White ?

Posted: 04 Jul 2012, 17:52
by markymark
White...?? :|

As far as I am aware, Yamaha don't do ANYTHING in white!
They used various shades of silver/aluminium for one of their 'P' models and especially for their Motif range but even then, Yamaha has gone back to black for their newest Motif XF range.

Some models, like Kawai for example, use a light silver colour for at least one model of their stage pianos but it's a Yamaha you want....

Re: similar to Yamaha Clavinova CLP-430WH White ?

Posted: 07 Jul 2012, 18:54
by athomik
This model does come in white (hence the "WH" at the end of the model name). Have a look at: ... mode=model.

However, it's a CLP, which means that you can only record a maximum of 2 tracks per song. For multi-track recording, you need a CVP, so the choice is either a white piano which doesn't do what you want or something in a different colour which does what you want.