What is Overstringing or crossovering?

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What is Overstringing or crossovering?

Post by FAQ's » 09 Jun 2004, 19:41

This is where the bass strings are set at a diagonal across the piano running from the top left to the bottom right, running over the top of the steel wires which themselves are set diagonally from bottom left to top right. However, the steel strings are not at as greater angle as the bass strings. The reason for this is theatrically, the longer the bass string the nicer the tone of the piano.

Overstringing allows manufacturers to gain a longer string length using the same size of case than with straight stringing permits. Over strung pianos grand’s and uprights are considered modern pianos. In the UK trade, beginner's pianos are generally straight strung overdamper pianos.

A photo of an overstrung piano

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