Qualifactions in mid 20th century

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Qualifactions in mid 20th century

Post by notmusical » 26 Feb 2011, 00:22

A now-dead piano teacher at an English boarding school in the mid 20th century acquired a "Diploma in Piano Teaching from the Royal College of Music as an LRCM" in 1952.

There is evidence she taught before 1952, at least as a teaching assistant.

Would the Diploma have required full-time study at that time?

Might the RCM have records of when she was studying? And of her previous experience?

(Obviously the RCM can answer whether they have stuff - but I would prefer to have a better idea of what would have been normal 60 years ago before I approach them.)

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Re: Qualifactions in mid 20th century

Post by markymark » 26 Feb 2011, 01:10

Sometimes, diplomas achieved on campus would have a 'G' at the beginning of them, e.g. GTCL. I think you should contact the college directly for that sort of info.

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