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Questions on learning to play the piano, and piano music.

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Post by Gill the Piano » 29 Dec 2004, 19:03

Splendid that you're taking the plunge! The best way to find a teacher is unquestionably by recommendation. If you have friends who are learning and they like their teacher and are happy with their progress, then ask their teacher if they are willing to give you a trial lesson to make sure you like eachother.
If no-one you know (or their kids) are having lessons, then ask at a local music shop; the staff there will know the local teachers and may have a good idea of who will suit you.
There are usually musicians at the local church - specifically the organist - who might be able to recommend someone.
Finally, there are telephone books - Yellow Pages and so on - where teachers are listed. Go for someone whose qualifications are listed, although qualifications don't necessarily make a good teacher. Ask for a trial lesson; it's a one-to-one relationship and as I said, it's very important that you like eachother.
Most importantly - have fun! :) It shouldn't be a trial. It can be hard to begin with and then light
dawns. As long as you practise, you'll do well!

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