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Could someone please help me with fingering?

Posted: 09 Feb 2017, 08:58
by johnpham01
Using your thumb to play more than one note is not all that common but at the same time not ever unattempted!

Because you have to have the sempre staccato note for your left hand, you do not need to be concerned about achieving a smooth flowing movement like say in a Rondo for example. For the left hand in bar 3, you will have to use finger 5 for the A and then 3 or 4 on E and use the thumb for G and A. The other way would be to use fingers 1 and 2 for the G and A which means more of a stretch as finger 3 has no other choice but to go onto the E. I can make that stretch but it is not comfortable and feels unusual.

Re: Could someone please help me with fingering?

Posted: 10 Feb 2017, 02:17
by Colin Nicholson
It looks like you are answering someone else's question, but with the recipient's comments missing?
Obviously no one has a clue what you are talking about unless we know which piece of music you are referring to, or upload part of the music here.