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Can I teach myself how to play the piano through a book?

Posted: 16 Jan 2017, 22:50
by aimeusdietger
Hi guys,
I'm planning to buy a 'how to play the piano' guide. Is it possible to learn how to play the piano by myself through this guide?

Re: Can I teach myself how to play the piano through a book?

Posted: 17 Jan 2017, 08:32
by Colin Nicholson
There are things you can teach yourself in a book, the basics such as note naming, relating letters to keyboard, rhythm and other theoretical related subjects showing you "how to do it".... however, a book cannot do the following:
1. Correct or amend bad habits (i.e. using wrong fingers)
2. Correct or amend note value/ rhythm / individual note mistakes
3. Count aloud and play correctly at a steady tempo
4. Posture/ body/ hand and wrist deportment
5. How to practise properly / correct application for legato playing / pedalling techniques
6. Understanding clefs/ staves/ pitch/ time & key signatures...... and much more

Many self-taught pianists are riddled with mistakes throughout their playing, because no teacher is there to put right mistakes - so much so - it affects their ability to play coherently, they eventually cannot be taught properly due to so many bad habits.

Best to start lessons with a teacher, then learn-as-you-go using your book.