learning the piano

Questions on learning to play the piano, and piano music.

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Gill the Piano
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Post by Gill the Piano » 17 Oct 2004, 19:01

Why the aversion to lessons? We've come a long way from knuckle-rapping old bats, you know! (Apart from myself, obviously... :twisted: ) You could have a lesson a month; most teachers have spaces during the day, as their rush-hour starts about 3:30. And there are teachers who visit if transport's a problem.
If you're hell-bent on teaching yourself you could get The Complete Piano Player by Kenneth Baker; it's aimed at adults teaching themselves, uses songs you know (Abba, Elvis, Beatles) so you know if/when you've tripped up, and doesn't talk down to you.
Go on, have lessons...you know you want to :wink: !

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learning the piano

Post by Geminoz » 18 Oct 2004, 12:04

Hi Bill
I can understand your wanting to play without lessons...I had lessons for 5 years as a child-teenager and have recently taken up playing again, and no doubt my playing would greatly benefit from lessons, but I am finding this is something I want to do by myself for myself...maybe getting anti social in my old age :wink:
Do as Gill suggested and get yourself a how-to-play book...if you can read music you shouldn't have too much trouble getting to a stage you can enjoy playing.
One thing I have found... it is good to challenge yourself with pieces that are a little harder than you are used to....they might take longer to learn, but the end result is worth it. Just take them one bar at a time...and remember practice makes perfect.
Enjoy :)

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