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Going back to playing - identifying music

Posted: 14 Jun 2014, 21:12
by Tuli
Hi Guys,
I used to play piano when I was in school and got to a good level. I then stopped playing for 20 years and now I want to pick it up again. I got a piano and I remember some tunes by heart but very little.

I want to go back to play the tunes I knew back then but I don't have any idea what they are called. The only thing I have is an old video of my recital... Is there any way / app / webite I can identify this music somehow? I just spent 2 hours going through hundreds of tracks on spotify in order to find any clues but no luck...
Any help would be very much appreciated.

Re: Going back to playing - identifying music

Posted: 15 Jun 2014, 09:54
by dave brum
Do you have a Youtube link to the video clip of you playing, Tuli? It might be wise after 20 years to try something simpler until you notice it all comes back to you (including the confidence)

Re: Going back to playing - identifying music

Posted: 15 Jun 2014, 23:31
by gizzy
There are two programs you can try, one is called Musipedia and the other is Barlow & Morgenstern online - or something of the kind, anyway it's based on Barlow & Morgenstern's dictionary of musical themes, in which you look u the first x notes in your tune and once it's got ti down to just one with the same tune, it refers you to the music quote. In the hardback book you needed to be able to transpose the tune into C major or minor to list the names of the notes, but I think the online version can do it in any key. Musipedia I find less reliable. I type in even quite sell-known tunes and it gives me tunes that are nothing like the original.

Can you list the names of the first dozen notes of the tunes you're looking for?