Disharmonious tones in modern transcriptions?

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Disharmonious tones in modern transcriptions?

Post by Kristina1 » 24 Feb 2013, 12:01

Hello, my name is Kristina1 and I am a beginner.

I would like to know why in some modern scores and transcriptions
I frequentlu find disharmonious tones?

I have noticed that in older transcriptions there are no disharmonious tones to be found,
Can anyone explain how these disharmonious tones “creep into” modern transcriptions?

I have Emil v. Sauer’s Edition of Friedemann Bach’s “Der Fruehling” (Spring)
and I am wondering how reliable this transcription is?

I have not been able to locate the original but I have been reading that Friedemann was in and out of work,
depressed and financially & otherwise assisted by his father most of the time.
Friedemann’s life had not turned out as promised.

Whilst listening to v. Sauer’s Edition of Friedemann’s “Spring” played on youtube,
it comes over as upbeat & fast & happy and there are nevertheless disturbing disharmonies in it,
but the composition as a whole does not really feel harmonious or happy or up-beat
and I wonder whether it was given the wrong title with a wrong tempo
and really means something else altogether?

I wonder whether these disharmonious notes were really originally or
being put in by the transcriber/editor?

How certain can I be - as a beginner - about the honesty and reliability
of transcriptions & editions of music?

Did a composers of Friedemann’s level not rather express an isolated desolation
in a rather slow-played composition like Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata”
(similar desperation & isolation for different reasons)
which was not given such a title by Beethoven anyway?

I just wonder about these questions as a beginner (leaning to read and play) of the piano.

What do you think?

Thanks from Kristina.

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Re: Disharmonious tones in modern transcriptions?

Post by Colin Nicholson » 25 Feb 2013, 18:56

Despite you being a beginner, you seem to have an in-depth knowledge about music genre, different harmonies and dischords...... however....

to attempt to answer some of your questions, you may need to approach a piano teacher for detailed answers, or/and provide the following:-

1. Attachment/image showing part of the music score in question.

2. Youtube/ short video link of the music being played.

For 1, see 'how to upload an image' on the Piano Advice heading (print screen or scan the music and send it to us).

For 2, 'copy' the address bar, then paste it into your topic using Ctrl - V
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Re: Disharmonious tones in modern transcriptions?

Post by Kristina1 » 27 Feb 2013, 11:33

Thank you, Colin Nicholson for your kind advice.

I shall try now to trace the original by Friedemann Bach and go from there.

It seems difficult to figure out what is original
and what is artistic licence in a transcription.

Thanks from Kristina.

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