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Welcome to the "Digital Piano Reviews" forum!

Posted: 23 Jan 2009, 18:17
by Barrie Heaton
Welcome to the "DIGITAL PIANOS REVIEW" forum!!

The place to share your personal experience and recommendations about a digital piano you have either tried or currently own!

This forum is for posting personal reviews about digital pianos. For now, this forum is not limited exlusively to digital pianos but also welcomes questions and comment about stage pianos, synths and controllers. Basically, if it has keys and is digital, we can talk about it here.

Feel free to reference and post relevant reviews about the latest digital piano. We mostly get members posting here for information to inform their instrument shopping trip so those types of posts are also welcome.

If you have any complaints about the site or would like to write a review for others to read you can use, ... or use the guest book.