Is my piano worth keeping

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Is my piano worth keeping

Post by tinkle » 29 Sep 2017, 14:09

I was given an old piano 25 years ago which has a beautiful rich sound . I had it partially tuned and some repairs done last year . I`m only about level 2 but I need to have it all tuned and more bridal straps repaired to play it properly, and am wondering if its worth it. The name on the frame is RUBNER & company ZEITZ, being over strung with overdampers and walnut veenered with some inlay but the casing is a bit bashed here and there. The right brass pedal has a hole worn in it from use over the years and the ivory key are greatly worn as well with lots of broken edges. it rings on even with out the pedals and the keys rattle which I don`t like .

I have been given a nice sum of money as a gift, should I spend it on repairs or seek out a better quality used piano with a similar mellow sound .

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Re: Is my piano worth keeping

Post by Gill the Piano » 29 Sep 2017, 14:44

All the things you mention can be fixed. Ask your tuner/tech for an estimate. Don't worry about the box, you don't play that, and the ivories can be either filed down (, replaced (not so cheap) or the whole keyboard recovered with plastic/ivorine (most expensive option). If you have money left from your inheritance after the vital work is done, get a quote to tidy up the case. You then have two figures in your head - take them shopping and see what you could get for the equivalent money from a reputable piano dealer. It's hard to say without knowing the piano or the sum of money involved - I would ask your tuner as s/he knows the sound, quality and condition of your piano.
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Re: Is my piano worth keeping

Post by RWAS » 03 Dec 2017, 19:09

I would say that your old piano is not worth keeping. It has an over-damper action which makes it a relic of the past. It is not a famous or popular make of piano and its general condition seems poor.
I think that you should put your money towards a newer piano which will be a much more satisfying instrument to play and will retain its value. You could easily throw away your money on trying to repair an instrument which is worthless.
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